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Pi Day

Passive voice will be used throughout this entry. Copious amounts of linking verbs will also be used. The end result (hopefully): sleep will be induced by my grammatical train wreck of an entry. As has been known, Pi Day was today. Pi Day was celebrated by our school in various ways. The classrooms were adorned by charts of pi. That is to say, charts of pi, pi bead chains, pi paper chains, and pies themselves, were found by all in the classrooms. Pie itself was consumed by many.

The most interesting event of the day was the Brownell-Talbot pie eating contest. Contestants were gathered in the gym by the faculty, and they were instructed by the faculty so that pies might be consumed by them as quickly as possible. The end result, pies would be eaten by the students as quickly as possible. The student whose pie eating feats were most recognized by the teachers would be given a prize by the teachers and faculty. Joe Rotert, director of grounds, was instructed by Gregory Logsdon, head of upper school, to present this prize, which was made by Mrs. Beth Anderson, who is the math department chair. This prize was a giant sculpture of pie. It is ten feet tall and 30 feet wide. It was suggested by some that this sculpture was too large, and in fact, could not be properly presented. This idea was condemned by Mr. Logsdon and many of the faculty were fired by the same. The winner of this contest could not be named by anyone present. At the end of it, one person was caused to fall to the floor by an unnamed assailant. The unnamed assailant was allowed to escape by the lack of attention of all who happened to be present. In the end, the pie sculpture was not awarded by anyone. The participants were congratulated on their hard work.

These events may or may not have been relayed correctly by me.
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