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Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream at Brownell-Talbot
A great thing of magnificence
The sheer joy and wonder, as I walk
To get my card scanned
And receive a new wooden nickel

I walk over, my heart sinks.
The red light is flashing.
The mix is low, and what's more!
A new person is standing there,
a stranger
Mrs. Dixon has gone
Where? To Where?
Nobody knows, nobody seems to care
This new lady, she lacks feeling

"I'm gonna stand up"
What wonderful words
What wonderful heavenly words
And what can this newcomer perform?
This stranger
All she can say is..."Do you have water, or a pop?"

"Where are my legs today?"
Ah! Amazing! Truly! Poetic!
But this new lady, she just looks at me
With cruel, sneering eyes.
Expecting me to place my wooden nickel
in the jar.

Mrs. Dixon didn't care
She knew how to run that ice cream stand.

And alas, all they have left is chocolate.

-The Wooden Nickel
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